Understanding Your Medical Care

If you have received a bill from Mid-Ohio Emergency Services (MOES) it is because you received emergency medical care within the emergency department at one of our OhioHealth provider locations (Dublin Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Westerville Medical Campus) by a physician and/or advanced practice clinician employed by MOES.

MOES is the singular employer of emergency medicine staff at these facilities. You will also receive a hospital bill for the facility and/or services provided by the hospital. If you had any X-rays taken during your visit, you will be receiving a third bill from a private radiology group for their Radiologist’s review and interpretation of the X-ray.

The MOES bill will come from a company called “TeamHealth Akron Billing Center” located in Akron, OH. Their mailing address is 3585 Ridge Park Drive Akron, OH 44333 and phone number: 1-800-837-9910. If you have questions or need help understanding your MOES billing statement, please feel free to give their customer service agents a call.

If you have applied for the Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) and have been approved, please let the TeamHealth Akron Billing Center know so that you can receive a 50% discount on your physician bill. MOES is not connected to any OhioHealth Discount Charity Care Programs. Although the hospital can discount your bill 100%, they are subsidized and will receive reimbursement from the government. MOES on the other hand, is a privately owned and funded company and will not receive any reimbursement. In addition to discounting your bill, we will work closely with you to set up a reasonable payment plan that is affordable to you.